What Couples Need to Know before Moving In Together

News at Johnsons Property Consultants | 12/02/2024

 If talk between you and your partner this Valentine’s Day turns to living together, there are a few practical things you should know first.


We pride ourselves on being as helpful as possible. But dishing out relationship advice is a step too far – even for us. So, if you’re considering moving in with your partner, we’ll leave the big decisions and lovey-dovey stuff down to you.


However, if you decide to co-habit, we have some useful, albeit unromantic, advice for you. It’s based on insights we’ve gained over the years from helping many couples set up a home together.


Speak to your landlord

One option when moving in together is to start afresh in a new rental property. However, if you plan to move into your partner’s rented place or for them to join you, then you need to discuss this with the landlord. Be aware that you’ll need to get the landlord’s permission first, and they’ll most likely have to run a reference check.


Budget and bills

The good thing about living with someone is you can share the financial burden of renting. But you’ll need to have a frank conversation at the start to discuss how much you can afford to pay in rent and how you’ll split the bills.


Jointly liable

It’s worth understanding that when the two of you sign a tenancy agreement, you are both ‘jointly and severally liable’. This means that if, for example, your partner loses their job and can’t pay the rent, you could be liable to pay their share. The same goes for the upkeep and maintenance of the property. You’re both equally responsible. 



If you both already have your own homes, decide what furniture you’ll each take to your new property. It’s unlikely that you will have room for more than one sofa, bed or dining table, so you may need to give away or sell some big-ticket items. At this point, you may also get the home-making bug and decide to buy some items to turn your new place into a cosy love nest. In that case, it may be time to put your relationship to the test by taking a trip to Ikea. Good luck.


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