Knowing Your Home’s Admirers This Valentine’s

News at Johnsons Property Consultants | 12/02/2024

This week, we couldn’t write an article that ignored Valentine’s Day, complete with love themes and romantic puns. So, here goes.

Knowing what sort of property a buyer will fall head over heels for is a skill any good, experienced agent has honed from years of matchmaking.

With that in mind, below we look at the five most popular property types and the type of buyers who are often smitten by them.

1)      The charming semi-detached

Young families and professional couples often fall for semi-detached homes. These properties are popular for their garden spaces and potential for social gatherings, appealing to those who enjoy neighbourly interaction and a bit more room.

2)      High-rise romance

Apartments are popular with young professionals and couples seeking to downsize. These homes are perfect for those drawn to the energy and convenience of urban environments and the simplicity of maintenance-free living.

3)      Detached delights

Detached homes are an excellent fit for growing families looking for a more spacious and private environment. They provide plenty of room for family activities, flexible living spaces and outdoor access.

4)      Terrific terraces

Terraced houses are often attractive to first-time buyers and downsizers who are charmed by their character and features such as high ceilings and large windows. They’re a chance to get to know your neighbours and usually come with a sense of community attached.

5)      Bungalow bliss

With its single-level design, the bungalow turns the heads of retirees and those who prefer easier access. Its simple layout appeals to those who love a straightforward, clutter-free lifestyle. This type of home is perfect for anyone looking for comfort without the challenge of stairs.

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