Five Smart Gadgets to Improve Health in Your Home

News at Johnsons Property Consultants | 29/01/2024

Pretty much all of us use some degree of smart technology every day.

And it’s not just our omnipresent mobile phones – intelligent technology can be found everywhere.

From smart speakers to thermostats, doorbells, watches, sleeping aids and many other clever devices.

These can all make our lives a little easier (apparently), but what are the best smart gadgets for helping to improve our health and wellbeing at home?

We’ve trawled the internet and found these five smart ways to create a healthier, happier home.

1)     Why weight?

One of the easiest ways to stay healthy is to monitor our weight. Smart scales don’t just tell you how much you weigh; they can also keep you informed about your bone mass, muscle mass, body fat and much more. Mobile phone apps accompany the best ones so you can get updates, alerts and coaching to keep you healthy. A must for any health-conscious home.

2)     Something in the air

Smart air purifiers and HVAC systems monitor and improve the air quality in your home, reducing the risk of airborne diseases and allergies. These machines can be particularly beneficial in urban areas, where pollution levels may be higher.

3)     Let there be light

Smart lighting systems play a pivotal role in health and wellbeing. These systems can mimic natural light patterns, helping regulate our circadian rhythms, improve sleep quality and boost mood, which is especially useful in winter.

4)     Water wonders

Staying well-hydrated is a cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle. And by using intelligent filters that can alert you to the quality of your home’s H2O, you can ensure you’re getting the purest water. The best filters remove any contaminants and provide you with refreshingly clean water.

5)     Sleepy time

A good night’s sleep can feel priceless – thankfully, a device called the Dodow, said to help people get to sleep more quickly, won’t set you back too much money. The device is a small disk, and tapping on the top activates a slowly pulsing blue light. This dim light projects onto your ceiling, helping you pace your breath. As the light expands, you inhale and exhale as it contracts.

These ideas scratch the surface of how people can use tech to feel healthier, happier and more at home.

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