Why buyers love Evesham so much, and why it matters to you

News at Johnsons Property Consultants | 05/05/2019

There are few things in life that you can trust more to enrich your family than the property they live in. While this is true in terms of the memories it creates and the special moments it hosts, it's also true in terms of cold, hard material gain.

Since 2000, the average Evesham home has increased in price by 144.3 per cent. The best performing property type has been terraced properties which have increased by 150.7 per cent, equivalent to £6,800 per year. The reason this particular type of home has outperformed the rest is down to a number of factors, but in essence it’s simply down to this being the home of choice for Evesham residents.

For anyone who has ever spent much time here, the attractions are fairly obvious. A great balance of first-rate housing stock, solid transport accessibility and ready access to the amenities we need the most. It is these factors which explain why our area has outperformed the national market during this period of cooling which has been felt in many parts of the country. 

The popularity of Evesham as a place to live is unlikely to diminish any time soon. If you’re considering buying or selling in this area, now is the ideal time. There are great opportunities for buyers and sellers in every corner of the market. As long as you work with a local market expert, you’re destined to win big.