What do homebuyers in Evesham really look for?

News at Johnsons Property Consultants | 10/08/2018

If you have ever sold your home, you will be all too familiar with the pressure to make the property look tip-top in time for a viewing. Your home must appeal to the most likely type of person to buy it, so it’s vital to understand a bit about the demand profile in your area. The chart above shows the demographic profile of our part of the world.

While the specific needs of buyers can vary quite widely, there are some must-haves which are usually on top of most people’s lists. You can’t do much about the size or location of your home, but there are some things you can do which make all the difference. For example, clever use of light and space can really pump-up the ‘wow’ factor of any property.

Yet what most people really want is a home that will increase in value over the long term. The rewards of getting it right are substantial. The average price of a mid-market property here has risen by 6.9 per cent per year since 2001, equal to an annual increase of approximately £8,200. The top 5% by price have risen by 6.5 per cent per year while the top 1% have seen annual growth of 5.6%.

To sell your home in the quickest time possible and get better than the asking price, it’s important to understand buyers’ mindsets. If you have any questions or are thinking of selling your Evesham property, get in touch with us. We’re always on-hand to give you the latest market intelligence.